Broad Spectrum Development Intuitive Incubation & Implementation.

The Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) is a division of Compassion Center, a 501(c)(3) public charity organization founded in 2001 [FEIN: 27-0014579] to provide patient advocacy, professional education and healthcare innovations that serve underserved patients.

About CIFR

Compassion Center was founded on comforting the sick and empowering an aging generation during their roughest and toughest times. CIFR maintains that tradition by (co)developing and implementing compassionate programs and businesses that sustainably empower patients to age gracefully, and naturally. Maintaining the vision and recognizing that education, outreach and awareness are the keys to success, Compassion Center established CIFR (Center for Incubation & Findings Research) to educate, incubate, innovate and implement solutions. From bleeding edge products to fully developed programs and protocols, CIFR disruptively innovates technologies and education courses that empower change.  

Management Services consulting

When healthcare is considered to be just as risky as venture capital and cannabis (a brand new market) - understanding the metrics that actually run a clinic or hospital is paramount. Consulting is performed through CIFR, while Management Services are provided through MSO+, a "sister" division of Compassion Center specializing in Management Services and Business processes.

Experts in Concept-Implementation

CIFR is a business development incubator and accelerator specializing in business organization, brand development, strategic analysis, customer acquisition, client retention, and implementation. Industry seasoned Research Fellows, Consultants and Technical Analysts form eight core groups to compose a truly diverse research institution.

Elevating Advanced Socioeconomics

CIFR is committed to making a positive difference through research, development, incubation and disruptive innovation - serving the underserved and categorically complex patient communities.
CIFR is a research, development and incubation partner of the Cannabaceae Wellness Institute, in cooperation with the Cannalogix Foundation Research Institute (cannalogix.org).

End-end compliance & accountability

Compassion Center subscribes to a diverse suite of compliance, risk management, accountability, accounting, auditing and investigation policies in an effort to improve accountability, transparency and compliance with local, state and federal law. The Office of Accountability & Transparency is in direct oversight over CIFR and it's associations.

This is a List of Partners

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We Got  the Skills

Since 2001, Compassion Center has been providing unparalleled access to professional education, patient advocacy and medical cannabis recommendations, in addition to (co-)developing some of the most innovative and disruptive technologies to empower the underserved.

Advanced Integrations

CIFR integrates technology, metadata and intuitive virtual solutions into a variety of platforms designed to empower the next generation of socioeconomic equality and environmental project development.

Development Operations

CIFR combines full-stack development with custom coded - and out-of-the-box - software to empower and accelerate the implementation of disruptive innovations and/or streamline processes and services.

Professional Management

CIFR maximizes productivity by pairing the highest qualified personnel with the most detail-oriented project managers in an effort to overcome each challenge and exceed every established benchmark.

Full-Service Incubations

CIFR incubates positive change by combining education and innovation. Beyond normal business support, CIFR goes the extra distance to ensure that each task is performed to the highest standard and evaluated for efficacy.

Quality, Safety and Compliance

CIFR adheres to industry best practices, and adopts the more stringent of policies related to business incubation, and is under the supervision and oversight of Compassion Center's Office of Accountability & Transparency.

Measurable Results

CIFR works directly with Compassion Center's Office of Accountability & Transparency to evaluate performance, and impact, regarding the programs, businesses and protocols developed by the incubator in an effort to maintain accountability with the public.

Incubation X Innovation = Socioeconomic Equality!

Working with industry leaders, educators and a qualified network of professionals empowers CIFR to incubate, and innovate, on-demand within any space from technology to prototyping and consumer product development: the possibilities are endless. Our PharmD’s and project managers have pharmaceutical experience, and our management team is comprised of industry leading experts ranging from technology, healthcare, education and business to finance, fiduciary and compliance. What can CIFR do for you?