Working for Humanity Empowering Innovation

Part of the Compassion Center, the Center for Incubation & Findings Research, or CIFR, is an incubator, research institute and disruptive innovator dedicated to improving healthcare, socioeconomics, food-security and clean water with sustainability and technology solutions. While CIFR is widely recognized among state and federal law makers, CIFR’s greatest successes are in the programs that are innovated on behalf of the categorically complex, terminally ill and underserved. 

CIFR studies, researches and disruptively innovates across a wide-range of bleeding edge technologies, solutions and programs to evaluate and address some of society’s most challenging issues ranging from social to health and even environmental issues since it all infulences wellness. 

Incubating programs and solutions for issues such as uncompensated care, uncontrolled waste, disability awareness, social justice and such are essential to inspiring the next generation of disruptive innovators.

Welcome to CIFR!

Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) empowers the future of disruptive innovation by combining collaboration and implementation with disruptive educators and mentors to fully empower, incubate and advance bleeding edge solutions on behalf of the people and the planet.

Excellence in Innovation

"Incubation" can take on a whole new definition when one is empowered with the skills and tools necessary to successfully chase their dreams, earn a sustainable living while supporting their local community in the process. Innovating stronger leadership and strong companies, innovates stronger and healthier local communities too, so let's get to disruptively innovating!

Excellence in Mentorship

Students are fully empowered to take personal ownership in their education, achieving their dreams and outcomes. CIFR combines more than 25 years of practical application with industry-wide data(bases), seasoned expert mentors and disruptive innovators to incubate stronger organizations, brands and empower socioeconomic programs that advance the betterment of all!

Excellence in Support

CIFR works directly with its students, partners and community stakeholders to directly and indirectly support their innovations in global socioeconomics, technology, development, building and sustainability by providing world-class data-intelligence, strategy, technology development, operations and support for otherwise specialty programs in our global communities at-large.

CIFR: Data Analytics

Utilizing artificial intelligence, technical analysis and other industry leading algorithms, CIFR digs deep to evaluate and advance education, research, development and disruptive innovation on behalf of a better tomorrow.

Industry Data
Relationship Building
Technical Analysis

Contact Us

If you have a question regarding CIFR, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly. Please keep in mind that CIFR DOESN’T ACCEPT UNSOLICITED REQUESTS from the general public for any incubation or research contracts, and operates exclusively through an autonomously appointed board-committee that is chartered to provide specific oversight to CIFR via its divisions. Any/all inquiries are forwarded to a general email reviewed by all CIFR divisions. 

CIFR: Incubates Innovators

CIFR provides a full range of incubation services ranging from roundtable concept development throughout a program’s implementation including but not limited to; organization, administration, advertising and branding, project guidance, studies, research and analysis for the development of strategies that promote sustainable implementation and broad scalability with a greater attention to the details and a passion for elevating the best possible people and solutions that serve the people.